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As a truly innovative and multidisciplinary cosmetic surgery center, Esteworld provides world-class treatment, while also treating our patients to a totally managed medical travel experience, overlooking no detail.

Our cosmetic surgery, hair transplantation, skin care, and dental aesthetics team is comprised of highly trained and experienced health care professionals, including plastic surgery specialists, hair restoration specialists, dermatologists, and cosmetic dentistry experts, as well as excellent support staff, all of whom are ready to help you, too, achieve your goals for your appearance and improve your confidence.

We offer a complete range of cosmetic procedures for face, breast, body, and hair, including the latest cutting-edge hair restoration treatments and plastic surgery procedures, such as hair auto-cloning, robotic hair transplantation, face lifts, nose surgery, breast implants, and liposuction, along with many other specialized options.

We welcome you to Esteworld and we look forward to helping you become a new, beautiful you!

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Hair Restoration

Have you felt your self-confidence waning due to hair loss?  Do you look in the mirror and feel that you look older than you are? If so, there is help available.  Hair transplantation surgery can restore your natural hairline, giving you a natural-looking, younger appearance and boosting your self-confidence.

Hair restoration procedures can be performed to restore hair to areas where there is significant hair loss, whether there is dramatically thinning hair, or baldness.  Both men and women may experience hair loss and can benefit from hair restoration procedures.

In men, male pattern baldness, also known as a receding hairline, is most common, and often occurs as men age, especially if there is a genetic history of hair loss.  Thinning at the crown is also common.  As the hairline recedes, men begin to look and feel older, which can be damaging to their self-confidence.

For women, hair loss is often caused by hormonal changes, which lead to thinning hair.  Other causes of hair loss, for both men and women, include injury, such as burns, as well as diseases which affect the scalp and hair follicles.  Hair transplants can restore hair to areas of loss due to any cause, and there are a variety of treatment options.

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Johnny Herbert's Hair Transplant Journey

Thank You Esteworld!

After talking to many doctors, I find the doctors at Esteworld more experienced than any of them.  They really know all the answers to the secrets of doing hair transplants.
Before, my confidence was very low.  Now I feel very good about myself and I have to give Esteworld the credit for that.

Vancouver Canada

Medical Tourism in Beautiful Istanbul

Turkey is at the forefront of medical tourism and attracts patients from around the world with its superb cosmetic medical treatments and outstanding facilities.  Every year, thousands of patients travel to Istanbul to benefit from the advanced medical techniques, professional services, and incredibly low cost treatments that are available here.

Patients traveling to Turkey, are not only treated to the best medical care, they also enjoy the wonderful climate and astounding recovery accommodations during their stay.

The low cost of treatment in Turkey is incredibly attractive to patients, with procedures often provided at as much as 75% less than the cost of comparable procedures in Canada and the USA. With so much to offer, Turkey provides an inviting setting and cutting edge treatment options, which have given Turkey, and Esteworld, a premier status in the developing medical tourism industry.

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