Hair Growth Factor

Hair Growth Factor

st-growth-factorHair Growth Factor serum promotes cellular growth, proliferation and differentiation. The serum contains a specific protein that accelerates hair growth.

Hair Growth Factor facilitates the penetration of human growth factors into the skin of the scalp. Accordingly, the natural hair growth process is promoted at a deeper level of the skin.

It is the best option for advanced hair recovery, and additional benefits include restoration of the scalp and the hair follicles into a healthier status.

Who are the best candidates for Hair Growth Factor?

Hair Growth Factor in Turkey is an ideal treatment for all women and men who wish to improve weak or thinned hair.

Therapeutic Process of Hair Growth Factor

The specific peptide is miro-injected to the scalp in a series of sessions in order to promote the re-growth of hair. It is a novel procedure used to manage hair loss in Turkey.

Hair Growth Factor serum contains vitamins, amino acids, and protein-rich growth factors that nourish the skin of the scalp and administered using 0.8 mm micro-needles.

After Treatment

Outcomes of the treatment are noticed in 8 to 12 weeks

General Risks of Hair Growth Factor

  • Backache
  • Changed color and texture of hair
  • Cold or flu-like symptoms
  • Continuous itching or skin rashes
  • Irritation, redness, dryness
  • Muscle strain or spasm

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