Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

The EsteWorld Organization is a unique practice that specializes in treating a variety of medical issues. The world-class doctors have experience with a variety and complexity of issues that can present stress and challenges in one’s life.

Our dedicated teams in each of our locations are helping patients across the world. Learn about our patients’ plastic surgery experiences and discover the journeys our patients embarked on.

Chris Bracknall

"The process was very simple and from the moment I left the plane in turkey everything was arranged, transport from the airport to the 5* hotel and the transport to and from the centre"

Niall Staunton

"For anyone thinking about having a hair transplant done, Esteworld is without a doubt the best value for money and their expert team are so helpful in every way possible."

Craig Walker

"It was a great experience, the staff were excellent very very friendly, the hospital was very clean and the other people there having the op looked very satisfied."

Chris Graham

"Quality operation from start to finish. Needs and expectations were more than met. One year on i have a much fuller head of hair after a few years of thinning. All thanks to Esteworld. Particular mention must go to the wonderful Sam. Not only was he in touch with me 9 months before my scheduled date for procedure but has been in regular contact since the big day. He provided great advice and aftercare throughout the whole journey and was always there for a call or text to answer ongoing questions. Thank you Sam and Esteworld for giving me my hair....and confidence back!"

Dave O.

"When I had a look at myself I couldn't believe the results I am so over the moon. All I hated has gone and in its place is a 6 pack!!!!!! This was the best decision I have ever made."

Muhammed Asif

"I would like to start by thanking Sam and all the staff at the Portland Road clinic. I cannot be more thankful for the amazing service and hospitality I have been offered not only at the Portland Road clinic but also in Turkey. I am entirely grateful to Sam for the arrangements that were made to ensure I receive first class service. The support I have received after the surgery In Turkey and from Sam and his team at Esteworld is absolutely incredible. I am sincerely thankful to Sam as my experience wouldn't be how it is without him."

Amrit Dhaliwal

"Very happy with the transplant. The service is very professional. Results cannot be seen completely until a few months after surgery, but first results I am very happy with, so whats really important and great is the after service received from Esteworld Birmingham, and Sam the owner, who provides a first class, really personal service, tailoring his before and after service to suit your specific hair regrowth, to ensure the best possible outcome. Since everyone is different, this is very important. Overall, really recommend."

Nirlep Agravedi

"I have started the hair treatment just under 6 months ago, i have to say that i have seen a huge improvement in quality of new hairs. When i started there was a degree of uncertainty in my mind that the result cant be achieved as i have been disappointment with other treatments. I must say that, if you want to gain a better result then this place a worth visiting. I must emphasis that you wont achieve results in few weeks but in 3-4 months after at least twice weekly treatment, there is a guarantee that you will see a huge improvement. In addition, the staff is friendly and very understanding, frankly speaking very welcoming."

Satvinder Singh

"I am really pleased with level of good service at Ester World. The staff are very friendly always willing to help. Very very professional service. Thank you very much Umer and Bobby keep up the good work."

Daniel Fox

"I would like to give the biggest thanks to sam and all his team at esteworld and all the team in turkey where I recived all my treatment sam has been amazing with me from start to finish guided me threw all my procudures before I had my treatment and I still have regular contact with sam for all my after treatment I'm about to start having lazzer treatment now I'm so pleased with my hair transplant the results are amazing and when having the surgery you don't not feel a thing it's done in such a prestige way and in good time I would recommend this company to anyone and to contact sam at ESTAWORLD located in Birmingham for the best hair transplant and after care big thanks agen to sam and all his team."

Kavitaa Singh

"Being a 23 year old, student, I was absolutely disheartened when I came to know that I am a victim of female pattern baldness/ hair thinning. This had been going on since 2-3 years to the point where my hair had reduced to half their volume and anyone standing in front of me could see my scalp due to the lack of hair. I came to know about Esteworld through a radio show and booked a consultation with Dr.Sam and he was very honest about my condition and he offered to help me. A treatment like no other, yet simple. I started with it and just a month later, the progress has been incredible! People around me noticed the difference in just 8 sessions, it has worked wonders for me, nothing less. I would recommend anyone suffering through any hair/skin problems to contact the Esteworld's extremely talented, comforting and friendly team. Thank you for this positive change, Esteworld!"

Banaras Azam

"Great service from both Sam on Portland Road, Birmingham, who explained the whole procedure and was happy to field all queries, and the staff at the Hospital in Istanbul who worked tirelessly on me for a day and half. Post surgery I am glad to report that the team in Birmingham are still providing a thoroughly professional service and although early days (5 weeks since surgery) the prognosis is very good."

J Brown

"After speaking with Sam I was confident that having the transplant procedure with Esteworld was the right option for me. The process was a really positive experience and I was looked after really well. I am now 6 months post op and I am buzzing with confidence. Everyone says that I look fantastic and years younger with a full head of hair! Sam has been a rock and a great support, communicating with me all the way through and on a regular basis. I would recommend Esteworld Medical Group to anyone."

Nagina Shaheen

"I heard about Esteworld through a radio advertisement and contacted Sam, who provided a free consultation. I was worried at first, but Sam was able to answer my questions and was very patient with me. He made me feel comfortable and was very professional. I have been with Esteworld for 6 weeks now and still undertaking the laser treatment, which was recommended by Sam. I can feel a difference with my hair and have noticed its growing back again. The staff are friendly and welcoming, overall the service is excellent, I would defiantly recommend Esteworld."

David S.

"I have just returned this afternoon from Istanbul and I have to say I have had a fabulous experience. Everything that Sam had said to me had been right and my expectations were surpassed in every way. They really look after you and make you feel at ease from the start. Sam has been there for me from the start and when any doubt creeps into your mind he is there again. I highly recommend this company and especially Sam, you won't regret your decision to use them."

Aman P.

"When I started to lose my hair, I lost my confidence. I had tried many treatments recommended by either the doctor or by others and none of them worked. I then heard an advert for esteworld on the radio and thought I'd go for an appointment. After one appointment with Sam, I instantly felt at ease. He was very empathetic and very warm. I'm pleased and happy with the outcome and now love my hair and have gained back my confidence."

Megan Rees

"I am writing this on behalf of my father Robert Samuel who had his hair transplant on 10th October. I would like to thank everyone at Esteworld for taking such good care of me and my wife during our time with them. I'd like to especially thank Sam who was our first point of contact in the UK; his advice prior to the procedure and his support and care following has been invaluable. Everyone at Esteworld was extremely professional and friendly and I'd have no qualms in recommending them to anyone."

Phil B.

"I first went to see Sam at Esteworld a couple of months ago. Following a refreshingly honest consultation/chat about how their business operates and the services they offer, I didn't hesitate in becoming a client. Sam and the rest of the staff at the Birmingham Clinic are extremely friendly and pride themselves on offering a quality service where their clients in no way feel pressurised into commiting to anything they don't need. I would certainly recommend Esteworld to anyone seeking treatment for hair loss."

Farida Begum

"Hi all!! I would like to share my amazing hair laser treatment results.I became 60% bold but thankfully I heard about a hair loss treatment on radio XL ( 1296am) which was affordable I started my treatment 6 weeks ago and I have had unbelievable results. The staff are very friendly and professional. I would highly recommend Esteworld to all of you. Please don't hesitate and see the amazing results of esteworld."

Zhang Yu

"Hi had my hair transplants done 2 weeks ago in turkey esteworld , really worth going ,very pleased journey with sam and our group about 10 people from Birmingham .i have about 3000 grafts done .very happy with the results so far , I'm suffering a Male pattern baldness receding hairline in front . Highly recommended!!"


"After talking to many doctors, I find the doctors at Esteworld more experienced than any of them.  They really know all the answers to the secrets of doing hair transplants. Before, my confidence was very low.  Now I feel very good about myself and I have to give Esteworld the credit for that."