Arm Lift

Arm Lift

vs-kol-germeArm lift is one of the effective cosmetic surgery procedures used to lift the skin of the upper arms and to treat a medical condition known as batwing deformity.

It aims re-shaping arms in order to make skin appear smoother and re-contoured, resulting in better tones and proportional appearance.

Who are the best candidates for arm lift surgery in Turkey?

Droopy skin in upper arms

  • Fat in upper arms
  • Batwings
  • Individuals with realistic expectations and weighing near the optimal body weight
  • Individuals with loose skin in their upper arms
  • Individuals with fat deposition in their upper arms
  • Individuals with a  batwing deformity

How to prepare for arm lift surgery?

One month before Arm Lift

If you are a smoker, you should completely quit smoking one month before your travel to Turkey for arm lift surgery. Medications that increase the risk of bleeding, such as Aspirin, anti-inflammatory medications and some vitamins, should be stopped prior to the surgery.

One week before Arm Lift

When you are consulted with one of our plastic surgeons at Esteworld in Turkey, you will be provided with the all necessary instructions for your preoperative care. You may need to have blood tests and cardiac assessment.

One Day before Arm Lift

Do not ingest any food or drink after the time advised by your surgeon, Pack a bag with comfortable shoes and clothing, specifically clothing that zips or buttons.

Morning of Arm Lift

You can take a shower or bath, normally. You should avoid using body lotions for your body.

Arm Lift Procedure

When you are consulted with one of our plastic surgeons, we will determine what type of reduction will be most suitable for you.  Liposuction intends lifting droopy skin of the arm. Two types of brachioplasty are carried out in Turkey.

A partial arm lift requires only a small incision in the armpit region, which may extend a short distance onto the inside of the upper arm. A full arm lift may require a longer axial incision down the medial arm to the elbow.

Both types of arm lift surgery involve liposuction. The removal of excessive tissue encourages the skin to shrink and to conform to the contour of the new arm.

After Arm Lift Surgery

One day after Arm Lift

All the medical compression garments and medications, which will include painkillers, anti-inflammatory agents and antibiotics, will be given.

One week after Arm Lift

You should avoid straining yourself or making effort with your arms. You should try to rest for the first few days and avoid driving. In addition, you should have someone who can help you during the first week after your arm lift surgery.

One month after Arm Lift

Most patients experience muscle pain about 7 to 10 days after the arm lift surgery. Thus, your medication should be taken on time.

General risks of Arm Lift Surgery

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Unattractive scarring
  • Swelling of the hands
  • Seroma formation

Frequently Asked Questions

Will arm lift surgery be painful?

The patients, who undergo an upper arm reduction procedure, will need oral pain killers for a few days to manage the discomfort.

Will there be scarring with arm lift surgery?

Arm reduction surgery in Turkey involves the removal of skin, and the incision that extends to the arm pit and often crosses the chest wall is made. Your plastic surgeon may place the incision in the back of the arm to hide the incision line.

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