Nose Surgery

Nose Surgery

Nose surgery (rhinoplasty) is a facial cosmetic procedure which is carried out frequently at our clinics. Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, aims to make the appearance and proportion of the nose look better, or it is performed to eliminate breathing problems. It can also be performed for aesthetic purposes like correction of birth defects or traumatic injuries (like broken nose) as a reconstructive surgery.

Although the purposes may be functional rather than cosmetic, breathing issues secondary to septal deviation can be effectively corrected by combining the nose job with a septoplasty.

Why is Esteworld the best when it comes to a Nose Job?

Plastic surgeons working for Esteworld are well-trained physicians who can use the most effective techniques for the nose job in Turkey. We care for the functional and cosmetic requirements for all patients.

Our medical team is proud of its artistic skills and our physicians make great efforts to provide our patients with well-proportioned, natural looking noses.

Our facial surgeons and assisting staff in Istanbul, who have completed the necessary training and expertise in nose surgery, aim to ensure that you have a natural appearance, while your breathing functions are preserved.

Who are Candidates for a Nose Job?

People who are 18 years old or above who:

  • Are not satisfied with appearance of their noses.
  • Have realistic expectations of the surgery.
  • Completed facial growth.
  • Have good overall health.

To prepare you for a nose job in Turkey in the best way, plastic surgeons and maxillofacial surgeons will complete your physical and emotional examinations.

Preparation for Rhinoplasty

One month before surgery

Your doctors will ask you to stop smoking prior to surgery. You should not take blood thinners like Aspirin before nose surgery.

One week before surgery

You should have some blood test one week before the operation. Necessary instructions will be provided by the doctor.

One day before surgery

You should avoid from consuming any food/beverages starting from the time determined by your doctor.

The morning of surgery

Do not use makeup or facial cream. Your transportation will be made by a driver who is arranged by the clinic. You should have a companion to stay with you 48 hours after nose surgery to help your daily activities and realize complications.


During the nose job in Esteworld Turkey, bones and cartilage that support the nose are reached with incisions applied by your plastic surgeon. To make them invisible after surgery, your plastic surgeon will make incisions in subtle areas of the nose. Some bone and cartilage can be removed or some tissue can be added depending on expected results and aesthetic goals of the patient.

Following rearrangement, reshaping or shaving the bone and cartilage by the surgeon, skin and tissue are redraped over nose structure.

It is likely that a splint is placed outside the nose for supporting the new shape as the nose heals. For additional support, nasal packing may be used.

Rhinoplasty is frequently carried out at outpatient settings in Esteworld Turkey, while sometimes it is necessary that the patients stay for a night. Nose shaping can be performed under local or general anesthesia, depending on your condition and plastic surgeon’s decision.

After the Procedure

One day after surgery

A small splint will be placed to the nose to support and preserve nasal structures at least for 5 days. You may feel swelling in your face, remarkably in the first postoperative day.

One week after surgery

The splint will be removed and you will engage in routine daily activities.

One month after surgery

Do not blow your nose for two to three weeks following operation. You should necessarily avoid putting pressure on your nose, for example you should not wear heavy glasses for 3 to 4 weeks. Do not smoke to prevent scars. You should not use blood thinners like Aspirin for two weeks following the surgery.

Six months after surgery

Swelling will disappear within six months after the surgery.

General Risks of the Nose Job

  • Bleeding
  • Injury or perforation of septum
  • Disorders of skin
  • Infection
  • Nasal blockage
  • Complications related to anesthesia

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I feel pain during the nose job?

The nose job is a simple procedure which can be performed under local anesthesia. You will be sedated and you will not feel pain during surgery.

Is removal of splint painful?

Removal of splint may cause a mild pain.

Does the surgery cause any breathing disorders?

Many patients specify better breathing following the nose job.

When can I see the final results of the nose job?

Results can be seen starting from the 3rd postoperative week. You will realize the final results in 6 to 12 months.

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